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After having a sister in Christ Get in my face today, with her finger pointed, telling me to shut up, or step up, I am feeling more likely to walk away from a place I knew as home.

I am starting to believe what my brother said was true, "they read the book, but are no better" I know I am not any better for snapping back at her, but how dare you tell me I am bringing division in the church, and that I need to shut up.

There is a hierarchy in the church, and it doesn't have God at the top. I was taken aback, at the way she treated me, yelled at me, and pointed her finger in my face. And after the fact gave me a hug, and said " I said some pretty hurtful things, but you need to pray, and keep your mouth shut, and step up".

Why step up, she made it perfectly clear that it was her way or the highway. I am pretty sickened by her response, and I will pray for God to help me forgive her.

I don't know the outcome, but will continue to pray, in hopes that changes will be made. It may be I never have to walk in there again. And her telling me you are following a man, not God. Maybe I am but that man was a true reflection of the God I now, not what I see lately.

I am rambling, and hoping for some peace.
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