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The meeting was alright last night, however I was hugely offended when the ministry leader who helps single parents, was made to feel horrible when she asked for donations for a single dad, without a job. The response was not what I would have said, but there are alot of things that I would have done differently.

I was appalled when it was mentioned about certain trouble makers who won't let it rest, when in fact there would be no trouble if things were done differently.

This is still a place I called home, but as i left last night I get a peaceful feeling that it was time to go. The peaceful feeling I had when I chose to leave a dysfunctional home I once lived in.

To find a place that is based on trust, not the lacking of.

I know people will be people, and learning to trust again is a whole different area.

There are a few people I do trust, but I felt there was no progress, it was all a blame game.

Yes, I appreciate them asking for forgiveness, but with the smirks,and arrogance was it real? only God knows that, and he will send this family in a new direction.

I am going back to the principles of NA, and relying on my Higher Power, and trusting in him.

Not impostor's, or people who claim to be trustworthy.
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