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A home I used to know suddenly taken away, by people.

It reminded me of cheers, where everyone knows your name, except we fellowshipped, and drank great coffee.
Now it is an empty place with no joy, peace, or home atmosphere.

I keep asking why? How? When? was I sleeping?

This week it is, happy, happy, subs, and pies. Come and meet, greet, and put the past to rest.

Will the past ever be gone? If so it will take a long time, like years of therapy for a past I once lived.

I only hope that it can be restored, but i have negative feelings about that.

The "Big Guy" knows the answer, and I will patiently wait, (saying hurry up)for the answer that he has for me, my family, and my friends, who I love so much.

He will answer our prayers.
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