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What's the deal

As many of you know, last summer, my husband and I built a beautiful apartment for my mother. I was right there, framing walls, hanging sheetrock,Insulating, seaming, compound, painting, All that needed to be done I was there.

3 months of my time, and never received a thank you. I actually expected that.

Well mom came home on saturday from the hospital. No Chemo,or radiation, just take it slow, but keep moving, or she could get clots, or pneumonia. I would be so grateful.

Had my nieces graduation party Saturday, I made fruit salad, & ambrosia for 150 people. Before I left, Mom say's I need groceries, today, I have nothing here. So, I cut the party short, went & got groceries, came home put them away, brought leftovers for her to eat for dinner, & this is what I heard. "yuk, it is to salty, did you think it was salty?" No I thought it was good.

Sunday morning, my daughter went to check on her & she say's to Stasya, "I am waiting for my coffee." What the hell, am I know the local restaurant?

Well Monday comes, and she wants a burger on the grill. Stasya say's she wants it big, O.K. I can do this. I grill the burger, put cheese on it. make homemade mashed potatoes, tossed salad, fruit salad, and up I go. She says is there carrots, No, but there is a salad. I went up an hour later,
and she says, "I didn't want cheese on my burger & I wanted it rare, and you put cheese on my salad, yuk!!! I say sorry, come downstairs, and cry. How can one be so ungrateful??

Today she calls and wants the kids to turn the tv down. I think she forgot that i did her a favor, by building this place, and I was short & hung up.

So tonight I made spareribs, pasta with cheese, and spinach, with a slice of watermelon. I brought it up, and she said what's the matter? For the first time ever, I said, " I was kind of upset that you wanted the kids to turn the tv down." She said she was sorry, got a puss on and i left.

Miracles do happen, She just came down and wants me to get her Orange soda when I bring the kids to VBS, (not fulmont). I say yes, and all is happy. Except me.

How much does one have to take before snapping? my husband works 2nd shift, I have 8 year old twins, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and mom. I feel like I am going out of my mind.

Tomorrow is a new day, maybe it will get better.

Oh yeah, sister & brother have done shit, of course.

That's all for know, just venting. I feel better!!!!

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