jesusochild (jesusochild) wrote,


Well my mom had surgery on Thursday, July 6th, and has been diagnosed with Colon cancer. She is doing much better, but the med's she has been on is making her nuts.Every day is a new issue.

She was yelling for her mommy, and Daddy, who have been gone for years, my heart just broke.

I went this morning, and she seems to be doing better, but not great.

I will know more tomorrow,once the pathology report comes back. We should know then if it spread, or if he got it all. He removed 3/4 of her large intestine, which had a very large tumor, and numerous small tumors.

My mom and I have had our troubles, but we always get through things. I think right now I am numb, and going through the motions. Having 8 year old twins, and a hubby, I get overwhelmed, and of course I have two siblings, but guess who was their alone the day of the surgery, If you guessed me, your right.

That is all for now, just please keep us all in your prayers.
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