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Ah, another day at a place that takes all my joy away. So that is telling me to get rid of it, let go of it, and eliminate it.

I can only take so much of the, i am wrong, and their right. I will take the blame and apologize for words I have said that weren't kind, but I am still waiting for an apology for others wrong doings, and it is not going to happen.

I am tired of the suck it up, and deal with it attitude. It just turns me off in a big way.

A place that was once home for this family, has now become like the home I grew up in. Where I had imaginary friends, smoked and drank things I should not have, and became an absolute mess.

People may turn me off, but God will not do that. I am feeling sick, and having thoughts of running away from religion altogether, I know it isn't right, but how can so called people of the lord inflict so much pain.

It is time to let go. Not of my friends I have made, but of people who claim to be something they are not.
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