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Loss of a friend

As I have been sitting here this evening mourning the loss of a friend, a friend who I met 13 years ago in an NA room. Whose first words I heard out of his mouth were "I would like to hear about complacency". I seen him last week with 42 days clean, and this week he died. My heart breaks for his family, and for his NA family, who loved him unconditionally, and who prayed for him continually.

This thing called addiction, grabs some people, and never lets go. I have been thinking about the reading in NA, let's pray for the still sick and suffering addict, Who may never make it back, and he didn't.

I only hope that someone close to him realizes the grips and control addictions have over people, and the end result are, jails, institutions, and death. It certainly holds true.

As I heard saturday, "this is serious business folks, it is a matter of life and death", and here we have it, it was a matter of life and death.

I just ask you, my friends, to please pray for his family, and his NA family, and for the addict who is still controlled by an addiction, caught in the grip not knowing how to let go.

This is reality, not some story, but LIFE AND DEATH. And it was proven to me again. RECOVERY is serious, not a game. LIFE or DEATH.

This Jouranl is my least favorite thing, but I know many of you read this, and his family needs your prayers. Thanks!!
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