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A wonderful day

As I sit here taking care of 2 sick children, wondering why is this happening, what is so good in syracuse that the evil one always tries to keep us away. The Good thing is the babysitter will still watch them, regardless. They have been well all week, and now this happens. We are still going, looking forward to learning something, meeting a new network of recovering people, and just a little time to think about things.

As I spoke with my brother this morning, after a four month MIA status, and knowing he has no faith, and no believe. He began to tell me about a great Job opportunity that is is the making for him. i told him I have been praying for you, and I think God has his finger on you, His response"yeah, well, maybe" He just had so much Good news, and he sounded so happy. He and his separated wife, are going to try to make it work. I will continue to pray for him, and her, and of course Mom.

mom lives in brothers house, makes for a little uneasiness for me, and not wanting to get involved, but I had to tell the news to her because of his excitement. Well, the old guilt trip, "what about me?" What about you?, have you ever just wanted your children to do well, be happy, and have a dream job, or is it always about you. Oh I forgot, always about you!

I am having difficulty with her today, the guilt, the selfishness, and of course the unkind words. I hope I never become a Mom like that, dependent on my children for shelter, food, and anything to make live easy. I have never understood her, never will, but I am not letting her ruin my day.

Live is good, the birds are singing, heard the crickets last night. The joys of Gods, creations. Simple things.

Just for today, I will keep it simple!!!!!
it is the only way for me to keep it in today, and today is all I have..
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