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Update on Mom

It has been a couple of crazy days, but I got through it. Had help from friends, and just focused on the task at hand, and what was important.

The doctor told my mom he got all the cancer, but only time will tell. She is feeling better today, nose tube out, Catheter out, walking, and goofing around.

The nurses definitely seen her mental illness come out in full swing, I kept blessing them, because she was not very nice to a few of them. I told them it's okay, she'll be fine in a couple minutes.

Now she just needs to eat, but she is still afraid, as she kept getting sick. Hopefully she will be able to keep something down, and come home soon.

That's all for now, and for those of you who helped, gave a kind word, or said a prayer, I say Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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